Submit a Proposal

Submitting a proposal to ITF

Technology developers are invited to submit a project proposal abstract form and expression of interest (EOI) in response to a Call for Proposals, offering solutions to the outlined call challenges – these forms are available for download when there is an active call.  The submission process is available online and technology developers can upload the relevant forms and proposal documents on the active calls page when a call is open.

We receive a large number of proposals for each call.  How can you make your proposal stand out?  Our technology team are looking for proposals that include the following information:

  • An industry need – the proposal must address a technology need as identified within the call information
  • Value – there must be a cost benefit or added value to the potential project sponsors
  • Strategic content – the ITF model retains intellectual property with the researcher
  • Game changing – is the technology a game changer?  Technologies that mirror already developed technology will unfortunately not be considered
  • Business project plan – make sure the proposal contains a business plan that answers the question, how will this work be carried out?  Who will be involved? How much will the project cost? How long will it take to complete?
  • Sustainability – Will the technology flourish in a continually changing industry landscape?
  • Innovation – Does your proposal stand out?  What are the benefits to industry sponsors and ITF members?

We have developed a set of FAQ's that may also be able to help. If you require any further information or assistance with submitting an online proposal please contact us.