Project Stewardship

ITF play a care and maintenance role within all our running joint industry projects to ensure successful and quality delivery. 

Project stewardship is the term used to describe the role ITF plays in actively supporting both the developer and the project participants during the project and delivery.

Project Stewardship entails:

  • ITF attendance at all Joint Industry Project (JIP) steering committee meetings where we will play a transparent and clearly defined role within the meeting agenda
  • Facilitating resolution of any issues or problems between JIP participants  that may arise during the project  
  • Supporting and identifying opportunities within the JIP, including project extension or expansion of the JIP membership through late participation
  • Implementing JIP good practice behaviours
  • Handling all contractual administration
  • Reporting regularly to our members, JIP participants and the JIP developers on progress, project KPI’s and key achievements
  • Preparing case studies where appropriate and keeping abreast of closed project developments i.e where new technology has been implemented or commercialised

We see our stewardship role within the JIP process as beneficial both to the developer and the JIP participants and we will act as the focal point for each project, providing status updates and developments to all parties.