Technology Programme

Our 'Call for Proposals' detail the specific challenges that our members are facing under each technology theme.

The Rolling Technology Programme is at the heart of our business at ITF and is derived solely from the technology focus areas of our members. 

Made up of relevant industry themes, the programme evolves on a quarterly basis as defined by our membership, and adapts to industry changes and challenges.

The Rolling Technology Programme results in a number of Calls for Proposals based on the identified themes, which in turn leads to industry collaboration in technology development via the launch of Joint Industry Projects and other forms of partnerships.

ITF plays a key care and maintenance role within all our Joint Industry Projects to ensure successful and quality delivery.

Our member led Rolling Technology Programme delivers against the following set objectives:

  • Articulates our core activities to all ITF stakeholders including members, the technology developer community and the wider industry.
  • Supports ITF’s aim of developing technology for our members and the wider industry that will have a positive impact
  • Maintains relevance through a validation process supported by technology workshops, ITF members’ meetings, regular key account meetings, and through discipline networks established within the ITF membership.