We respond solely to the technology needs of our members

At ITF we provide our members with an efficient mechanism to execute and deliver collaborative technology development and deployment.  We do this by:

  • Working continuously within our membership and the wider industry to understand common industry technology challenges.  We are profiling those challenges, articulating them, championing them and prioritising them on behalf of our membership and the wider industry.
  • Through our day-to-day work and our technology “Call for Proposal” activities we are continuously profiling the technology landscape to identify and engage with innovative technology developers.  We are identifying technology gaps and establishing roadmaps to close these gaps through our technology programme and projects activities.
  • We are continuously facilitating, launching and coordinated a portfolio of technology development projects with and on behalf of our members.  We focus our efforts on common industry challenges and opportunities and in areas where our members have energy and see benefit in collaboration.  Our goal is to work on technology programmes and projects that make a positive impact to our members business and the wider oil and gas industry.

We keep our members informed of our activities through e-newsletters, technology reports and newsletters, regular technology workshops and bi-annual members meetings.

A key benefit of ITF is that we bring innovation to our members.  We have a joint industry project “Call for Proposals” and launch mechanism that forces us to systematically and extensively research and identify technology developers, research institutes and academia against specific and well defined technology challenges that we have worked through with our members.  Apart from our ability to launch collaborative technology projects from these ongoing activities, we provide our members with considerable up-to-date knowledge about what the technology development community is doing.  While innovation can be found at all levels of the industry, ITF seeks to ensure that we chase small, entrepreneurial developers that challenge established yet inefficient and costly ways of doing things so that we can provide opportunities to move our industry forward.  ITF also seeks to find ways to increase better uptake and more innovative use of existing technology where appropriate.

ITF works with its members on an international basis.  We have active regional hubs around the world where we seek to foster local technology collaboration connected into an international technology agenda and an extensive network of international technology developers.

Through its members, ITF is a powerful mechanism to stimulate the development community to create and deploy technology that meets the needs of our industry and to help keep our industry commercially sustainable.

For more details, contact Keith Mackie:

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