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Vision and Mission Statement

ITF will be the global choice for facilitating collaborative technology innovation and deployment in oil & gas and related energy industries.

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ITF is to be the internationally recognised champion for facilitating collaborative development of innovative technologies within oil & gas and related energy industries.

This will be achieved through the unique ITF Process which uses the annual technology needs of its member companies to drive industry-funded Joint Industry Projects for research, development and implementation of technology. This is defined as ITF's product, which is offered to ITF's customers, defined as ITF members and technology developers.

ITF will continuously improve its process and other services through effective and meaningful engagement with its members, technology developers and other stakeholders. ITF will sustain and mature its position as the industry's technology champion through a professional approach that is committed to continual improvement.

The following are what define ITF's uniqueness:

Fundamental to the success of our mission are these basic values and guiding principles:


People - Our people are the source of our strength. They facilitate our corporate intelligence and determine our reputation and dynamism. Involvement, teamwork, and continuing professional development are fundamental to our success.

Knowledge - We are experts in the facilitation and implementation of an eminent source of technical knowledge and fore sighting of industry needs.

Products and Services - We deliver a unique and proven high quality, cost effective, timely, and innovative process of collaborative technology development and implementation.

Guiding Principles

Total Quality Management- Through our unique facilitation process we deliver significant technology innovation which adds value to the industry. Continuous improvement is essential for our success and we strive for excellence in everything we do: our services, our human relationships, our competitiveness, and our performance.

Customer satisfaction is a prime focus- We act as a confidential agent and as an honest broker for our members and developers of technology. We aim to focus on the entire industry business needs in order facilitate timely and cost effective collaborative technology developments.

Technology developers are a key stakeholder- We will enhance our offering by creating a formal engagement mechanism.

Stakeholder involvement - We consider all our stakeholders as part of our team and are given our utmost trust and respect.

Collaborative Relationships - We create the environment for creative collaboration with our members, developers, suppliers, and other industry organisations such that we can develop and sustain mutually beneficial partnerships.

Integrity - We conduct our business in a socially responsible manner. Our conduct is to be open in all we do and will command respect for its integrity and positive contribution in responding to the dynamic needs of industry and society.

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Stella's School Scheme

In memory of Gert de Jonge, please join ITF by continuing to donate to this admirable scheme.