Submit a Proposal

ITF works through a process which defines industry needs through consultation with our members. These themes are identified in our Rolling Technology Programme and subsequently issued as a Call through which you are invited to submit a Project Proposal Abstract Form and Expression of Interest form to ITF for technology developments offering solutions to the outlined needs as per the call.

Whilst the ITF process is predominantly delivered through our Calls for Proposals, we do operate an open door policy and we would be pleased to discuss any idea you may have at any time. This may result in an 'ad hoc' proposal being accepted for review. Should you have such an idea then please contact us to discuss before submitting an unsolicited proposal.

Innovation Network

Before you submit your Project Proposal Abstract Form, please ensure that you register for a Basic Membership which is free on the ITF Innovation Network:

This is a pre-requisite for all developers submitting proposals and allows our Members to view the companies who are participating in the call.

In order to discuss a potential submission, please call the ITF reception on +44(0)1224222410 and ask to speak to one of the team.

What do we look for in a good proposal?

  • Industry Need: The proposal must address a technology need as identified by industry through ITF.
  • Value: There must be some cost benefit 'added value' to the potential sponsor.
  • Strategic Content: The ITF model retains IP with the researcher.
  • Game Changing: Is the technology really game changing? 'Me too' technologies are not interesting in general.
  • Business Project Plan: There will be a need to understand how the work will be done, who will do it (people), how much it will cost (budget) and when will it be done (schedule).
  • Sustainability: Is there robustness in the technology in a changing world?
  • 'Why me?': Why would an ITF member invest in this technology - what does it mean to a member?
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