Submit a Proposal

ITF works through a process which defines industry needs through consultation with our members. These themes are identified in our Calls for Proposals through which you are invited to submit an application for financial support to ITF for technology developments offering solutions to those needs.

Please read the Application Guidance notes carefully and take note of the advice given. These notes are intended to provide guidance on completing an ITF Application for research, technology development, and/or trials proposals.

Whilst the ITF process is predominantly delivered through our Calls for Proposals, we do operate an open door policy and we would be pleased to discuss any idea you may have at any time. This may result in an 'ad hoc' proposal being accepted for review. Should you have such an idea then please contact us to discuss before submitting an unsolicited proposal.

Please click on the links below to download the relevant documents to assist your application:

Step 1 - Project Application

Step 2 - Successful Application

ITF is a facilitator and as such, we are a party in membership and confidentiality agreements with all of our members, In addition, we are a party in confidentiality agreements with all individuals and / or organisations who submit applications for funding to ITF. This forms a back to back arrangement which addresses confidentiality issues between ITF, its members and its development community.

Observers representing non-member organisations who may attend ITF Board meetings, or other ITF meetings where confidential information is disclosed, are also party to confidentiality agreements with ITF.

What do we look for in a good proposal?

  • Industry Need: The proposal must address a technology need as identified by industry through ITF.
  • Value: There must be some cost benefit 'added value' to the potential sponsor.
  • Strategic Content: The ITF model retains IP with the researcher.
  • Game Changing: Is the technology really game changing? 'Me too' technologies are not interesting in general.
  • Business Project Plan: There will be a need to understand how the work will be done, who will do it (people), how much it will cost (budget) and when will it be done (schedule).
  • Sustainability: Is there robustness in the technology in a changing world?
  • 'Why me?': Why would an ITF member invest in this technology - what does it mean to a member?
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